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We provide Tech solutions for all types of businesses, whether it is products, services, information, news, or nonprofit… We have got you covered from Designs, Websites,  Apps, Software integration , and Social Media.

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Who we are

We aim to make it affordable to any one or any business to have a HI-Tech solution to boost the business.
Giving our modern world demands now , every business no matter how small or new it is should have a window on the online world.
But nowadays not everybody have the cash flow that is needed to do so, especially in the middle east, and most of the people that have the cash needed don’t consider these solutions a high priority…
Nevertheless we wanted each business to be distinguished  because each one of them has something special to offer.

from that point we started … HI-distinguished  tech for everyone

throughout a ten year experience. we have helped small and large business in the middle east to find their way to the online world.
the journey was diverse and long… and made our experience bigger and better with each special project we do.

100% Responsive Design

Nowadays people access the internet with all kind of devices from small mobile phones.. to the most big screens.
We guarantee that your product and services will be accessible to everyone by any device with the same stylish look on all devices

Clean & Modern Design

we give you the latest modern designs with a stylish special look and feel the fits your business, so you can be distinguished from all others

Support and Upgrade

it is a key element for  every business to be always updated.
so no matter what your problem is, and what upgrade you need, we provide you with unlimited support and upgrades to fits your needs and visions.

Our skills


IOS and Android


Database & Software




Design & Social Media

Responsive Design

Responsive websites is the best solution for start up business ..
no need for big budgets for App developing  on each mobile Platform

App and Push Notification

Apps do not just make your business look professional , also it can guarantee user interaction through push notification directly to your customer mobile device

CMS and content

adding a new content has never been easier… with WordPress site you can add new posts , article categories… also you can change the menus and Homepage whenever you like

Status and reports

one of the key elements of your online business , is monitoring your growth.. luckily Google has provided us with a set of tools that you can track your site and app users Real time, or export monthly, weekly, daily reports whenever you like

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Mounir Semaan

Founder - Senior Developer

Zaki Koudsieh


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Hamra Street , Beriut ,Labanon

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